Special Session on Return Statements: The Return of Religion in Contemporary Philosophy (EUP 2016), annual meeting of the Australiasian Society of Continentla Philosophy, Melbourne, December 8-10.

Lecture, “On Revolutionary Becoming and “the War-Machine” (la machine de guerre),” Deakin University, December 6.

Inaugural Lecture, “The Friend-Enemy Couple—Derrida and Schmitt,” Western Sydney University, November 23rd.

Lecture, “Derrida’s Polemic,” St. Charles University, Prague, November 5.

Keynote, “Heidegger’s Poor Beasts,” Taichung University, October 12.

Annual Speaker, “Philsophical Fundamentalism Today,” Bringham Young University, September 22nd.

Workshop, “The Image of Thought in Modern Literature,” Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, May 14-15.

Lecture, “No Pedestrians Allowed!” – On the Streets of Control Society, Cultures of Control, University of Stockholm, Sweden, May 11.

Keynote, “Philosophy After Friendship,” Humanities Now Graduate Conference, Taft Research Center, University of Cincinatti, Feb 17.

Panel, “Truthiness and Method: Humor and the Political,” Jeffrey T. Nealon (convener), 2016 Convention of the Modern Language Association, Austin, Jan. 9.

Panel, “Haunting from the Future: Ecological Trauma in Ethnography, Literature, and the Arts,” Gabriele Schwab (convener), 2016 Program of the Modern Language Association, Austin, Jan. 10.


Roundatable on Foucault, SLSA, Rice University, Houston, November 12-15.

“Philosophical Fundamentalism Today,” SLSA, Rice University, Houston, November 12-15.

Plenary Lecture, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Animal,” Theory of Affect in the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, Charles University, Prague, November 7-8.

Lecture, “1983: From the Culture of the Small Press Journal to Creative Writing Workshop,” University of Amsterdam, November 8.

Keynote Lecture, “On the Future of Collaboration in the Humanities,” 2015-2016 Lecture series of the IPRH, University of Ilinois, Champaign-Urbana, October 14.

Plenary Response to Katarina Koslova, European COST Conference on New Materialisms, Maribor, Slovenia, October 2-5.

Invited Lecture,”Foucault’s Geometric Manner,” 3CT, Rice University, Houston, September 23rd.

Plenary Lecture, “Who are Deleuze’s Conceptual Personnae,” 3rd International Conference on Deleuze and Guattari: The Refrains of Freedom, Athens, Greece, April 24th

Invited Lecture, “Philsophy After Friendship,” Birbeck Law School, London, U.K., April 28th.

Panel Paper, “On Vitalpolitic: Between ‘Raw’ and ‘Cooked’ Capitalism,” American Comparative Literature Association, Seattle, WA, March 23rd.

Invited Lecture, “On Vitalpolitic: Between ‘Raw’ and ‘Cooked’ Capitalism,” Cornell University, March 12th.

Lecture, “The Image of Thought,” R.I.T., Philsophy Seminar, March 9th.

Lecture, “On Vitalpolitic: Between ‘Raw’ and ‘Cooked’ Capitalism,” Society for rthe Study of Biopolitical Futures, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Austrlia, Feb. 9th.

Keynote Lecture, “Human, inhuman untimely,” Graduate Student Annual Conference on New Materialism, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, Jan 7th.


"How to do Humanities on a Regional Scale?" Humanities Summit, Chicago (MLA), Jan. 8th

Keynote & Workshop,  “Who are Deleuze's Conceptual Personae?,” Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, Febuary 11-14.

Workhop, “How to Create a Territory in Language?” Kyung-Hee University, Seoul Korea, February 18.

Panel, “Spinoza and Signs,” ACLA, session on Spinoza’s Authority organized by Dimitris Vardoulakis and Korniela Kordela, March 20.

Invited Talk, “Two Images of Global Violence,” Department of Comparative Literature, University of California-Irvine, April 13.

Roundtable (with Simon Critchley, New School), “Undecidability in the act,” The Undecidable Unconscious, organized by Alan Bass, New School, New York, April 18.

Invited Seminars, “Seminars on Images of Thought and Critical Philosophy” (Taiwan National University, Taichung University, Tamkang University), April 22-28.

Keynote, “How to Make a Territory with the Woprk of Art?” Conference on ‘Ecocriticism,” Department of Comparative Literature, University of California-Irvine, May 16.

Invited Talk, “How to Make a Territory with the Work of Art?” Metalithicum Seminar: “Materialism without Territory: Art and the Enviroment,” organized by Vera Buhlman, Zurich, Switzerland, June 3.

Plenary Session (with Cary Wolfe, Rice University), “Life = Error,” Conference on “Life Matters,” organized by Jamie Weinstein and Frida Beckman, Linkoping University, Sweden, May 30-31.

Plenary Session (with Timothy Campbell, Cornell University; Cary Wolfe, Rice University), “Life =Error,” SLSA.eu, organized by Cristina Lull, University of Piedmont and Torino, Italy, June 6.

Keynote, “How to Make a Territory with the Work of Art?” Deleuze’s Cultural Encounters with the New Humanities, organized Rosi Braidotti, Hong Kong, June 12.

Invited Talk, “Collaboration,” On the Subject of Rosi Braidotti, Bloomsbury booklaunch, October 18.

Invited Talk, “To Have Done with the State of Exception,” presentation for program of Humanities on the Edge, organized Marco Abel and Roland Vegso, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, November 5.

Invited Talk, “Human-Humanities-Human Capital,” Department of Comparative Literature, conference on “The Future of the Humanities, University of Buffalo, November 13.

Invited Talk, “Perpetual Peace,” Honors Program, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Deecember 9.


 “Beckett and Method,” The Beckett Society, Modern Language Association Annual Convention.

Keynote, “Two Images of Global Violence,” School of Architecture, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Feb 2nd .

Inaugural Convener, Society for the Study of Bio-Political Futures, Syracuse University Humanities Center, co-sponsored by the Mellon CNY Humanities Corridor, April 5-7.

Plenary Address, “The Other Person and the Possible World,” First International Deleuze Studies Conference, Taipei, June 1.

Keynote, “Strangers, Analysts, and Literary Readers,” Affects, Politics, and Psychoanalysis  Conference, National Taiwan University, June 21 – 23rd .

 Speaker, Close Encounter around the work of Gabriele Schwab, IAPL, National University of

Singapore, June 3-9.

“Beckett and Method,” panel on Modernism and Theory for the Modernism StudiesAssociation, University of Sussex, August.

Invited Talk, "The Future of the 'Humanities' (I.e., Global Human Capital)," Hamilton College, September 6th .

Re-Drafting Perpetual Peace (video and web-site launch and lplenary ecture), University of Utrecht/Treat of Utrecht Foundation, Utrecht: European City of Peace Exhibition, September-October.

Plenary Address, “Pax  and Humanitas : Two words for the University,” The Idea of the University, University of Utrecht, September 16th -18th .

“To Have Done with the State of Exception,” session stream on biopolitics for 27th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), University of Notre Dame, October 3-6.

Plenary Address & Workshop, “Freud’s Beastiary,” Linkoping University, Sweden, Oct. 17-21.

Invited Lecture, “Deleuze’s Conceptual Personae,” LaTrobe University, Dept. of Philosophy, Nov. 27th .

Panel, “Spinoza and Signs,” Australiasian Society of Continetal Philsosophy, University of Western Sydney, December 4th .

Invited Lecture, “Re-Drafting Perpetual Peace,” University of New South Wales, Sydney, December 7.