Recent Courses (past five years)

Winter 2010: BK21 Seminar (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul)  "The Image of Thought in Philosophy of Culture" 

Spring 2010: HUM 500  “Plastic Theory”

Spring 2009: ETS 443  “Theory and Modernity”

Dissertations Directed

Del Lausa (English, Syracuse University), Thinking Machines and the Emergence of Post-Human Complexity, Prospectus Defense: November 2007; Oral Defense: January 2009.

Eugene Brent Young (Comparative Literature, Emory University), Literary Paradox in Blanchot, Carrol, Kafka, and Deleuze," co-advisor and outside member. Oral Defense: December, 2009.

Obi Iwuanyanwu (African American Studies, Ohio State University), “The Name of the Father in the South African Novel,” Prospectus Defense: January 2008.

Cindy Linden (English, Patterson College), An Element of Blank: Reading Silences in Post-World War II American Representations and Discourses of Chronic Pain. Oral Defense: October 2006.

Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree (English, University of Vermont), Moribund Masculinity: An ‘Accented Critique’ of the East-Asian Context. Oral Defense: September, 2006.
Judith Clark (Religion, Syracuse University), A Future Feminism. Oral Defense: May 2006.

Dissertation Reader

Beattrice Skordilli (English, 2nd reader, Steven Cohan, advisor), 2006.

Melissa Conroy (Religion, 1st reader, Patricia Cox Miller, advisor), 2005.

Maik Nwosu (English, 1st reader, Michael Echerruo, advisor), 2005.

Neal Magee (Religion, 1st reader, Charles E. Winquist, advisor), 2004.

Amy Vondrak (English, 1st Reader, Susan Edmonds, advisor), 2001. 

Ken Lokensgard (Religion, 3rd reader. Phil Arnold, advisor), 2000.

Jeffrey Robbins (Religion, 1st Reader, Charles E. Winquist, advisor), 2000.

Eleni Boliaki (Religion, 1st reader, David Miller, advisor), 2000.

Oz Lorenson. (Religion,1st reader, Charles E. Winquist, advisor), 1999.

Noel Vahanian (Religion, 1st reader, Charles E. Winquist, advisor), 1999.

Clayton Crockett (Religion, 1st reader, Charles E. Winquist, advisor), 1998.